Adonijah Group of Schools

Adonijah Group of Schools is a private institution registered with the Ministry of Education since 2008. We strongly believe in the integration of our students as such we cater for students ages 3 to 18, which is a representation of Kindergarten, Preparatory, Junior High and Special Education Unit. 

Our populace embodies a wide spectrum of Autism a growing social and learning disorders in the world. We cater to autistic children with Aspergers & Rex Syndrome as well as others on the spectrum ,children with Williams Syndrome; Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy; Seizures; Chromosomes Defects; Chi Du Chat; Down Syndrome; late development and psychological disorder; poor foundational skills and remedial education. Children with Learning Disabilities (LD) discrepancybetween their acquisition of academic and/or social skills and their assesses capability to learn these skills. As suchthey may have problems in:

• Gross Motor functioning
• Visual Memory
• Visual Discrimination
• Phonological Awareness
• Auditory Decimation
• Speech and Language – listening, thinking, talking
• Reading, writing, spelling
• Arithmetic

The ultimate goal of the Adonijah Group of School is to provide the kind of dynamic leadership, example, advocacy and influence that will facilitate the full integration and inclusion of persons affected by Special Needs in society.

20 Elspeth Avenue, Kingston 10, (off Hagley Park Road)

Telephone: (876) 770-1223 / 378-3400

Ruthlyn James, Principal

The Mico University College

The Mico University College was founded in 1835. The Mico is an institution of higher education in Kingston, Jamaica. The Mico University College was established as a non-denominational Christian institution that caters both to male and female students. The Mico was founded through the Lady Mico Charity, one of four teacher training institutions established during this period in the British colonies and the only one to survive until the present.

Over the years the institution has undergone expansion and development both physically and in its social academic programmes.

The Mico Foundation
1A Marescaux Rd.
Kingston 5

Dr. Avril Daley

Montego Bay Autism Center

To minister to the least of these little ones in the most loving, Christ-centered atmosphere in which all will blossom at their own pace be it spiritually, physically and mentally. To encourage them to use their individual abilities, gifts and talents for the glory of God (Matt. 25: 40), while helping families become outstanding advocates for their children.

Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mrs. Adama Blagrove
Tel: JA (876) 630-7506
US (917) 463-3621

Canadian Jamaican Medical Assistance Society


CJMAS is a non-political, multi-racial, non-profit, non-governmental organization whose goals are:

  • To work with partner groups/organizations on the Island of Jamaica
  • To establish and support basic health care and services on the Island of Jamaica
  • To provide educational opportunities for needy communities on the Island of Jamaica

151 - 10090 - 152nd St,
Suite 271,
Surrey B.C., Canada
V3R 8X8


LIAM - Learning Innovations for Austim Management